GIGMATE App Guide:

Connect with like-minded music fans so you don’t miss out on any Gigs !

The new GIGMATE App provides you with:

  • Gigs in your area (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London & Brighton)
  • The chance to join Tribes and connect with like minded music fans.
  • Select “Find GIGMATES” to be matched with other potential GIGMATES

This short demo provides a run through of the different sections of the GIGMATE App.


12 responses to “GIGMATE App Guide:”

  1. John avatar

    One question. Is the little ticket shaped icon in the bottom right corner of the gig feed the thing you click on to indicate that are going to that gig? It’s not entirely clear. Thanks.

  2. GigMate_Rob avatar

    Hi John

    The icon is actually to bookmark the gig and then you can curate your own list of favourites.

    If you go into the More tab you can find Bookmarks in the Community section.

    If you do want to find someone to go to a specific Gig with just hit the “Find GIGMATES” button on the main Gig info page.

    Hope that helps


    1. John avatar

      Thanks Rob.👍

  3. Manny avatar

    Hi Rob, please correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like currently it’s not possible for users to find gigmates unless it’s one of the gigs you’ve added. Are you planning to add functionality to allow users to submit gigs we are going to ourselves?

    1. GigMate_Rob avatar

      Hi Manny

      Yep you’re right the App doesn’t have the functionality to allow members to upload their own gigs to the list.

      Also it’s only me working on the App at the moment so I would struggle to moderate and curate user gen content.

      If you want to send any gig suggestions to that would be cool. You could also drop in the relevant Tribe chat which everyone will see.

      Will definitely consider it for the future – if and when i get some more help on the content



      1. Emanuel avatar

        Hi Rob,
        Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it’s a lot of work for one person! I’ve taken your suggestion and posted in the Indie tribe feed. If it’s not too much of a bother then I may email you some suggestions as well, cheers! 🙂

  4. Elise avatar

    Hi Rob, when I click find gigmates the button just doesn’t seem to work for me, any suggestions?

  5. GigMate_Rob avatar

    Hi Elise

    Can you let me know which event is the link not working on please & I’ll have a look



    1. Elise avatar

      it’s on every event i try to click on, is it a problem on my end?


      1. GigMate_Rob avatar

        Hi Elise – are you still having problems with the Find GIGMATAES link ? It may be that you need to click it twice.

  6. Amanda avatar

    Are there any plans to expand the locations? I think the idea is cool so I signed up but I’m actually in Newcastle.

    1. GigMate_Rob avatar

      Hey Amanda

      Yes definitely planning to extend out the service early in 2024 & Newcastle is on the list 👍👍

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